Why advertising on our digital properties is worth every penny.

1. All ad inventory is EXCLUSIVE.
2. We have very strict guidelines on advertising approval.
3. Unlike the immense majority of sites today, we do not accept payment or any other kind of ‘exchange’ for the deliberate creation of any particular reviews, interviews, editorial articles or any other type of items published on our digital properties.
A good reputation is absolutely invaluable.
4. All of the above automatically qualifies you, in turn, as much more than an advertiser. It qualifies you as a Sponsor, and, as such, your brand is thus identified with having the same values as Wonderlance, as a company and as a publisher, and which are the following:

Quality-aimed . Service-oriented . Equality-observant . Hard work-based . Respect-adhering . Understanding-propelled . Knowledge-geared . Empowerment-driven . Connection-inspired

Why Become an Affiliate:

As a W-AMS Affiliate you have the opportunity to earn
40% commission on all available inventory that your referred customers purchase... and renew!
In your favour, you can have the confidence that you will be referring your customers to
high quality sites and exclusive inventory produced by a highly respected company
that is continously growing and evolving, and a truly independent publisher,
abreast with all the latest web technologies and compliant with best business practices.

Digital Properties with Available Inventory



Online Media * Inspiration & Knowledge
Artistry & Culture, Film & Entertainment, Music, Science & Technology, Sociology & General Wellbeing

Main Audience:
Adults (21+)

Exclusive Interviews with Top Professionals, Artists, Prominent Scientists and Thinkers
Highly Professional Editorial Articles
Niche How To's



Online Entertainment * Fun, Culture & Empowerment

Main Audience:
Adults (16 to 45)

Entertainment (personality quizzes, games, polls, trivia - Original Wild Quizzes, Just for Fun)
Creative Writing (short stories, prose, poems, online short novels by installments)
Miscellaneous editorial articles & curated art lists (Planet Diaries)

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